Thursday, March 31, 2016

Plant Know How for the Sun and Shade

OK.... it's about year 4-6 of semi-serious plant - planting according to the rules of Sun and shade around my house perimeter!

First photo is abt 8:30 am SUN on PATIO for two plants.

 The spindly airplane-like plant is from last year.... which sat successfully on back of patio during winter cold and snow!!  The other was planted on the front porch patio... uprooted to side of Shed-House in back yard last year.   It began pretty --- GEESH... its my treasured HYDRANGIAS (there were two of them up-planted here)   It began to bloom pretty in early March.... then a few days late the little lovely green sprouts were brown and wilted!   Cry - cry - cry!

So I moved it again to a pot on the patio to nurse in shade!!!  Hoping for its survival!

I'm keeping a watch today... so the morning sunshine@about 11:00 am is fully shaded on the patio.  I'll count the hours for the rest of today.... maybe 8-10 hours of shade......  I'm wondering how hot my patio might get over the summer.... breeze a blowing via the beautiful CHIMES a'singing!  I'm really praying Dear Lord for this Hydrangea to successfully root and maybe bloom this year or next (even in a pot)   I could then transplant to the best place in yard.  

I looked to the west side of back of my house....
the morning sun is full blast... Seems good for the rose bushes (two of them... one is new).

The age old Iris plants will bloom pretty purples.... and the transplanted Peony bush is growing grandly.....
I think I'll be able to pick these first.  
One other slim-look Peony (a transplant also from front yard)...
 is on east back (shaded) fence.

There are two original peony plants (partly shaded - west side of front porch) growing well.  The started peeking their little red head... on 3-11-2016

Not tremendously well and bigger.... I'd say holding their own until I learn more to care for the PEONIES.... and the age-old ROSE BUSH in the front yard!


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