Monday, March 7, 2016

A Jittery Feeling for Garage and Estate Sales

My first finds of the Spring 2016 are from The Pampered Chef..... I never went to a show nor learned anything about it.... I say a few recipes maybe!

But I turn everything over and read the back label....
A medium Bar Pan... abt 12" by 7 3/4 useful for cookies....great to roast vegetables, bake appetizers and cook frozen foods....regularly abt $27.00
Tadaaaa... my garage sale of $5.00

Baked Perfectly.....  
Next up was a $1.00 ---- Yep --- a 10" Pie Plate
What I learned... about stoneware?
It can be frozen, refrigerated, cooked in microwave and convection ovens, but SHOULD NOT be used under a BROILER or on the STOVE TOP

Also, Avoid extreme temperature changes... it will break/shatter!

How to Clean Stoneware....???
(1) Let it cool completely before I clean it.   
(2)  Don't use soap .... don't put in dishwasher
(3) Clean only with hot water and a scraper 
(4)  I can soak stoneware to remove hard baked-on food!

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