Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Alyssum saxatile compactum aka GOLD DUST

Yellow alyssum flowers are herbaceous perennials, mounding and clumping habit, and have a spreading habit and put out yellow flowers on upright stalks in April-May. Re-seeds itself readily and spreads to form a dense mat, making it an effective ground cover. Yellow alyssum flowers prefer sun and thrive in well-drained, poor soil. These perennial alyssum plants are drought-tolerant.

Date Planted: Week of 6-15-2010 Purchased/Acquired from 1 qt SALE pot @ LOWES 50th May Cost: 1 at @ $49
Care for Yellow Alyssum Flowers:After the blooms fade, cut back these perennial alyssum plants by 1/3 to promote re-blooming. Likewise, cut them back by 1/3 if they begin to get too leggy. Fertilize spring and summer. Bloom time: spring to summer.

They self-seed freely, and even though the original plant doesn't make it through the winter in colder zones, you should get tiny seedlings underneath and in the area of the dead plant. They're definitely easy to dig up or rake over and probably destroy when/if you do a spring clean up.

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My bestestsseh honeypie

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