Thursday, July 2, 2009

This is my blog... isn't it / / / /

So here goes...

If u dare to be interested... 1-30-2008 I was sandwiched in middle of three car accident... my right foot jammed, two surgeries to reset bone and take out pins.... so every morning the pain is remembered... but praise the Lord.. these here little feetsies is well.... they is healed.. do u hear me!

Secondly, my dad was a 30-year diabetic with complication, death results in renal failure. Tones and foot amputated... with right limb removed up to the knee. I have his sliding board that he used to xfer from wheelchair to bedside. We 5-6 kids ail with diabetes... so I'm quite thankful to still have these feetsies.

I used the daily needle prick to test my sugar levels as a facebook photo for a few days... True to my morbid character-- am i not?

Should they ever be removed,, as I hope to live into my 90's.... may I still be thankful for July 2009....

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