Friday, May 29, 2009

Say Whatttttttt ? ? ?

This is my baby..... my very own collectible. A creature who transmits resilliance, strength to the point of fear -- still a stone cold peaceful look on his/her face. U leave me be, and I won't bother u!
For me -- It is the admitted ugliness of the buffalo that is true beauty to my eyes... in much the same way that I reflect upon the big nose, the rough hair, the dark, wrinkled face of an man or woman who has been called the ugly words of "nigger", then darky, coon, mammy. . . . then we were coloreds, then Negroes, Afro-Americans, Black, and finally African American citizens. I'm just black.... from my cultural upbringing, deep in my soul.
Thus, my American "bison"-- bison being a Greek word meaning ox-like animal, while "buffalo" originated with the French fur trappers who called these massive beasts an ox or bullock.
I've collected them over the years.... this buffalo is the state animal for Oklahoma.

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My bestestsseh honeypie

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