Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm surfing a bit; I saw where another quilter describer her evening (like me in my sewing room) "I played in fabric most of the evening....without a lot to show for it...mainly folding, planning , and deplanning (taking fabric out of boxes/bags after deciding I don't want to do that project anymore!) That is one way of shortening the someday list!"

So great to know I'm not alone.... Did I mention that I LOST.... at least I misplaced my cell phone from Saturday to Wednesday nite. Battery down, such blessed - utter quiet! And this morning, it is charged... But lo and behold I forgot to pick it up. So, sweet silence again today?


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My bestestsseh honeypie

My bestestsseh honeypie

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Guess who's growin up !

Guess who's growin up !
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