Friday, December 28, 2012

It's Snowing.... and I'm a'Book Reading...... Old Antiques...@1943 !

Today is a beautiful snowy day in OKLAHOMA!!!    Boy oh boy, am I happy or what.    The year is ending very WELL!!!   So I've pulled a couple of good Old ESTATE SALE books.......

Ostenso's work tends to focus on common themes about the relationship between human beings and the land they work. Much of her work is set in Manitoba or Minnesota on farm land and touches upon elements of love and melodrama. In A Man Had Tall Sons (1958) the happiness of the story’s main family is willingly sacrificed by the father for the success of the family farm; a similar theme also found in Wild Geese.

In O River, Remember (1945) the lives of two immigrant families are outlined over multiple generations in Minnesota's Red River Valley and it won a Literary Guild Choice Award in 1943. O River, Remember is the next biggest success of Martha's work next to Wild Geese. Many of her other works have been reprinted and translated multiple times, including the biography And They Shall Walk (1943) which was co written with Sister Elizabeth Kenny. 

What else..... I'm happy!


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My bestestsseh honeypie

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