Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Good Heal....!!! Checkin my Feet & Teeth

In diabetic neuropathy, nerves become inflamed and damaged over time from highblood sugar levels. 
 ..... I'm checking my feel daily....
 I've rearranged my office to include a small refrigerator and a $5.00 garage sale microwave.... spic and span cleaned it up....It a GE Turntable....20".... and it works.
 Finally, I like the look of soft lights..... So I called the cleaning crew who showed up at 9am... and rearranged my office furniture for a fresh clean look @ at m life!!! forgive the sonic cup on my desk.   Below.... is a short story about the new, wonderfully sharp Cutco cuterly KNIFE that I bought.    Blood sugar made me the least be forgetful and nervous... I rushed to slice some cabbage.... Dang-it.... what was my third finger doing in the way!!! ???
Lots of blood.... a clean cut not too deep.   I asked my Rosie / RN...discussed that I'd had a tetanus shot in 2009.... so I applied gauze the first to days with NEOSPORIN to keep it clean and tightly pressed together. THIRD day is miracle day.... wonderfully healing in my diabetic body!! Praise the Lord!

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My bestestsseh honeypie

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