Wednesday, June 20, 2012

ABC's of Me

Stolen this ABC's of Me from Harriet at One of Each.  and then I've stolen it from Oklahoma Cookie Maker!!!

Age - 58 in actual life years, and/but 59 years of age as dated on my birth certificate

Bed size - QUEEN  

Chore you dislike - mopping all the tile in my house.

Dog - None, cat-none...

Essential start to your day - Gospel Music driving to work  M-F

Favorite color - red

Gold or silver - gold wedding ring

Height - 5'1"

Instruments you have played - piano and the BELLS!

Job life - State Employee

Kids - 3 adult children 

Birth Order = daughter,son and daughter
 1 grandson, 1 son-in-love, 1 granddaughter
Live - Life-long Oklahoma resident

Mom's name - Helen Marie Sipuel

Nicknames -  I'm the best - MeeMaw !!!

Overnight hospital stays - 
Birthing 3 children

Pet Peeves - Political and social injustice

Quote from a movie - "Laugh at me and I'll shoot u where u stand" Dirty Harry

Righty or lefty - Right

Siblings - one wonderful sister --4 great brothers.

Time you wake up -  about 6:30..

Underwear - Victoria's Secret makes it FUN!   

Vegtables you don't like - Eggplant

What makes you run late - me, myself and I

Xrays you have had -  teeth, knee, breast exam

Yummy good you make - pound cake -- collard greens and dressing

Zoo animal favorite -  BUFFALO

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