Monday, January 30, 2012

Chi gong and Tai Chi have it all. It makes you


gives you a cardiovascular workout.

improves you posture,

Increases your immune system

prevents falls

reduces stress

prevents cancer

lowers blood pressure


is a martial art, making you able to protect yourself and therefore:

Increases confidence

All of the above points have been scientifically proven

The form of Tai Chi Cheng has a position of the vertical column and pushed energy and sweetness, which has a strong position.

Chen Tai Chi was created by the family was practiced in secret and may not use outside of your home. But at the time of Chang Hsin Chen, who became in 1800 the tradition was broken. He taught the secrets of her family and styles of Tai Chi in his student days, Yang Lu Chan.

The modern wine-young son named Yang Lu Chan Yang Yang Cheng Fu. This paved the way for the introduction of an examination in the history of Tai Chi. Its form consists of 128 positions. It is supported characterized by the energy gap with the movement of technical idle.

Taoism is the most important factor for the idea, why the first Tai Chi formed. As the Taoist teachings reflect that contribute significantly to the light, mystical, serene and nature of the world we live in reflect.

Chen style Tai Chi is one of the hardest and the most difficult type of Tai Chi to learn. It requires a high level of art that is needed in the demands of life. Primarily, Chen style is concerned on self-defense but as it progresses, it offers more namely wisdom about kinetics, physiology, psychology, aesthetics, and body mechanics.

The core always comes down to two important principles: external and internal. It’s all the same principle. Externally, every physical movement is made visible while in the internal aspect, energy is used to move the body. Without thought there is no chi and therefore, no motion.

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