Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Still buyin and a'plantin....

Orchid Cascade Dwarf Crapemyrtle  (Garden Debut) dot com!  lagerstroemia indica ( la-ger-STRE-mee-a IN-di-ka)
1/3 off sale: regularly gallon sz 18.99    Flowering shrub
Orchid Lavender blooms cascade down tot he ground in summer on this compact plant that grows only 12-16 inches high by 3-4 feet wide.    Great summer color groundcover

Perennial:  Mulching holds moisture and colls in the summer and insulates in the winter.     Hardy zone 1degrees to -10 below degrees.   FULL SUN for best performance.  Water as needed to keep soil moist.   Fertilizing - early spring and early fall with an all-purpose fetilizer.

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My bestestsseh honeypie

My bestestsseh honeypie

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Guess who's growin up !

Guess who's growin up !
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