Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Learning the Garden Ropes... Might propagate a bit

Botanical Name: (Senecio Cineraria)
Common Name: Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller is generally utilized as a foliage annual, but it will flower sometimes lightly in its first season, and prolifically in its second season if it survives the Winter and therefore becomes a tender perennial. However, its golden flowers are not attractive, and it is best to remove the floral buds and inflorescences as they emerge throughout the growing seasons.

Dusty Miller illuminates the garden without requiring exacting care. Standing only 12-18 in (30.5-45".7 cm) tall, the plants require no pruning and rarely need grooming except to remove aged, browning leaves. Dusty miller withstands drought without wilting and multiplies without encouragement.
Dusty Miller: How To Grow: Plant in full sun. Very heat and drought tolerant

One more fact about the coleus.... via propagate!
One of the most versatile plants in ornamental horticulture, coleus has a long-standing and well-deserved reputation as a plant just about anyone can grow. Since it was first introduced to the horticultural world in 1825, it has always been popular, and was especially prized as a garden plant in the Victorian era. Coleuses are very easy to propagate. Three or four inch long cuttings will readily produce roots, even in a glass of water.

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