Friday, July 24, 2009

Now for some more Down-south wisdom....

I heard Juan Williams say it on Fox News: I teach my children to zip their lip: when I'm pulled over by a police office I zip my lip..... And his perspective was that Henry L. Gates SHOULD NOT have railed against the handcuffs and against the police officers in and outside of his home.

OK Juan, u are one of my favorite Merican Negros, that's your same perspective which is why u r on FOX - and cow-towing, shuffling with the conservatives.

Now, here's the slant from Michael Eric Dyson... "Black and Latino people tell their children if they dream of insulting a police officer, they better wake up. The consequences can be death." ....the deepest differences in racial viewpoints... White folk don't live with the daily knowledge that their children may be --- 9 time out of 10 -- will be arbitrarily subjected to police brutality or profiling! Thus we tell our kids: if a cop pulls u over... shut the hell up and spead'em wide (just live-n*****: get home alive)

Houston police chief said "racial disputes involving police always generate intense reaction because they tear at old social wound that have never's always a sore spot." I say.. yes if my memory serves me right... it was the white man who brought us over here and inflicted, and enslaved, and sexually advanced upon my great-grandmother Lucinda Smith on an Arkansas plantation.

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