Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Simplicity of Thought & Pattern

Back in 1971, my Big mama passed, and Mother Jackson named herself as our new grandmother! So, her daughter is Vivian Davis and my church member of today. Naturally, she passed along several quilts that were poor quality cotton, worn and wilted and torn and faded. I can't bear to throw it away... it's not stable enough to repair and use as a qult.....

So why am I so intrigued in seeing the handwork of this woman's unusual but basic 49-patch block... It's seven 3" square across and down. And the fabric color speaks to my soul. I've collected fabric from the 70's I guess and find myself -- stealing away to contruct the blocks. and Remaking this quilt!

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My bestestsseh honeypie

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Guess who's growin up !
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